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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Immigration Streams

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is the first Provincial Nominee Program launched in 1998. The Program was launched to help grow the province’s economy through economic immigration and based on labour market needs. Its is also one of the most popular provinces for newcomers. Having a close connection with the province will help you get the PR.

Some of the immigration streams are base streams while others are enhanced and are linked with the Federal Express Entry.

If you wish to immigrate to Manitoba you have 4 options:

1. Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream
2. Skilled Workers Overseas Stream
3. Manitoba Business Investor Stream
4. International Education Stream

Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream

Skilled workers in Manitoba Stream will nominate candidates who have a strong connection to the province through education, employment, skills, training, etc to effectively contribute to the province’s economy.

Manitoba Work Experience Pathway: This Program is for those who are currently working in Manitoba on temporary work permits. This includes temporary work and international graduates from the Canadian Post-secondary school.


– Must hold a valid Work Permit or Post-Graduation Work Permit.
– Must be a temporary foreign worker or an international student graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution.
– Must have a permanent, full-time job offer from their current Manitoba employer.
– Must have been working with their current employer for at least six months.
– Must fulfill all educational, training/apprenticeship, and licensing requirements for the job.
– Must demonstrate English or French language proficiency sufficient to fulfill the job duties.
– Must have a stronger connection to Manitoba through employment than ties to any other province in Canada.
– Must intend and be able to live, work, and build a family life in Manitoba as a permanent resident, as demonstrated in a Settlement Plan.
– Must have sufficient funds (CAD $10,000 for the main applicant and CAD $2,000 for each dependent listed in the application).
– Employer must have a commercially registered business that has been operational for at least three years.
– Working conditions must be comparable to those of Canadians or permanent residents.

Skilled workers overseas stream:

Manitoba Skilled Workers Overseas stream is a point-based system to assess the eligibility of candidates who are outside Canada. Only people who have a strong connection to the province can apply for this stream whether they have a family connection or friends, passed a post-secondary school from Manitoba, have employment in Manitoba, or be invited by the MPNP and have a minimum score of 60 points.
In addition to this the sponsor must be an applicant who is closely related to the applicant and has strong ties with the province.

– he must be able to provide document support and is been living in the province.
– he must be a PR or citizen of Canada.
– able to prove that any applicant who is previously sponsored results in a successful, permanent economic establishment in Manitoba.

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

This pathways is for those who have an Express Entry profile and are eligible under the MPNP stream and meet the eligibility requirements. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate experience in an occupation listed under the eligible Manitoba in-demand list and have strong family ties with the province.

– Must score at least 60 out of 100 on the points assessment grid.
– Must have a connection to Manitoba through the support of friends or family living in the province, previous work experience or education in Manitoba, or an invitation to apply by the MPNP, with additional requirements depending on the type of connection.
– Must have at least six months of experience in an in-demand occupation.
– Must be at least 18 years old.

Manitoba Business Investor Program:

This stream welcomes nominated foreign entrepreneurs and investors who are willing to operate in Manitoba and have the ability to start or take over a business entity within a year of arriving in Canada on a temporary work permit. Please note that through this stream, the MPNP does not require applicants to deposit $100,000 with the Manitoba government. It has two categories:

– Entrepreneur Pathway: For applicants seeking to start a business in Manitoba.
– Farm Investor Pathway: For applicants intending to initiate and run farm operations in rural areas of Manitoba.

International student stream:

The International Education Stream (IES) provides international students graduating from designated Manitoba post-secondary institutions a faster pathway to nomination.

There are three pathways:

the Career Employment Pathway,
the Graduate Internship Pathway, and
the International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (ISEP).

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