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In British Columbia (B.C.), three streams will be available to qualified recent graduates of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in 2025.

The following three new Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams for international graduates are scheduled to launch in January 2025 under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP).

  • Bachelor’s program
  • Master’s level
  • stream for doctorates

Remark: Students who have earned a degree, diploma, or certificate from a Canadian post-secondary institution within the last three years are considered international graduates. For complete information on the requirements for admission to the BCPNP’s International Graduate program, see the section below.

With the help of these streams, international graduates will have easier access to Canadian permanent residence (PR) and better job opportunities in British Columbia.

What information has British Columbia provided thus far about the new streams?

The British Columbian province government has so far provided the following information regarding the new streams that its PNP will implement in 2025.

  • Date of launch: January 2025
  • New language requirements: A minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 8 will be needed for each of the new streams.
  • Diploma and certificate program graduates may still be qualified for traditional BCPNP courses, but they will not be eligible for these new streams.

The information that B.C. has so far provided regarding the requirements, characteristics, and advantages of each forthcoming stream is outlined here.

Note: B.C. has also disclosed that additional details regarding these streams, encompassing more comprehensive standards for every new stream, will be accessible by late 2024. “An updated edition of the BC PNP Skills Immigration Program Guide will be published with complete stream criteria when the new graduate streams are launched,” the government states.

Bachelor’s stream

  • For recent graduates with Bachelor’s degrees from eligible post-secondary institutions
  • Eligible graduates must have an eligible, full-time, indeterminate (without a declared end date) job offer

Master’s stream

  • For recent graduates with Master’s degrees (in any field of study) from eligible post-secondary institutions
  • Graduates must have a full-time job offer (lasting at least one year) in a skilled occupation

Doctorate stream

  • For “graduates and [PhD] candidates of doctoral level programs” from eligible post-secondary institutions

Other important details about the three new BCPNP streams

Restrictions on job offers: As mentioned above, the three new BCPNP streams “will not be limited to a list of eligible occupations.”

*B.C. makes it clear that job offers will not be restricted, but they still need to fit the requirements for one of the three new streams in the province.

Restrictions on accepted programs: As long as they meet the necessary requirements, “recent graduates from degree programs in any field of study may be eligible for the new student streams” in British Columbia, which means that the state’s three new streams will not feature a list of permitted programs.

Competition for Invitations to Apply (ITAs): The government of British Columbia makes it clear that there won’t be any competition amongst students with various qualifications for ITAs because there are separate streams for qualified applicants holding bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Stated differently, applicants having a Bachelor’s degree “will [only] be considered alongside other” applicants in the “Bachelor’s stream.”

Does BC’s International Graduate stream accept me?

While each of the new streams will also have specific requirements, the broad requirements listed below apply to all BCPNP International Graduate programs.

To qualify through B.C.’s International Graduate stream, candidates must:

  • Have obtained a degree, diploma or certificate from an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution within the last three years
  • Have accepted a qualifying full-time job offer from an employer* in B.C.
    • The job offer must have no defined end date (indeterminate)
      • A job offer does not need to be indeterminate if it is in a priority technology occupation
    • The job offer must be in one of the following National Occupation Classification (NOC) Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities (TEER) categories: 1, 2, or 3
      • NOC TEER 0 occupations are not eligible for the International Graduate stream
  • Be qualified to work in their chosen occupation in B.C.
  • Have a wage offer “in line with B.C. wage rates for the job they will be working
  • Prove the ability to support themselves and any eligible dependents
  • Meet minimum language requirements
    • UPDATE: B.C. recently raised the minimum language requirement for all BCPNP streams except its Health Authority stream (which was already previously adjusted)

*The employer must “agree to support [the candidate’s] application while themselves meeting certain Employer-focused requirements.

Important details about Skills Immigration in British Columbia

Skills immigration, which includes the BCPNP, uses a points-based system to rank and select eligible immigration candidates. Candidates who receive an ITA through the BCPNP have 30 calendar days to submit their application to the province.

Note: Once an applicant submits their application, they must pay the application fee and submit all required documents.

The BCPNP scores candidates, through its points system, based on human capital and economic factors. Human capital factors include related work experience and proficiency in Canada’s official languages (English, French). Meanwhile, economic factors include the wage of the candidate’s B.C. job offer and the candidate’s employment location in B.C.

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