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How to remain in the Express Entry pool and be eligible for jobs in Canada

The expansion of Canada’s labor market is largely due to its economic immigration policies, which have increased the country’s workforce by about 100% in recent years. Owing to the crucial role immigration plays in the Canadian economy, employment efforts are frequently linked to immigration programs in order to assist Canadian firms in filling open positions for which they may not be able to hire domestically. Employers’ capacity to select applicants from the Express Entry candidate pool is a prime illustration of this. Discover if You Are Eligible for Canadian Immigration When is the Express Entry system used by firms for hiring?   Hiring a foreign national from the Express Entry pool requires employers to meet Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rules and be in particular circumstances. Employers specifically need to: Verify if the position being hired for meets the requirements for skilled labor. Jobs falling into categories 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the National Occupation Classification (NOC)* under Canada’s TEER (Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibility) system are considered skilled labor; additionally Provide evidence that they have posted the job opening on the Job Bank website run by the Government of Canada and in “two other places” to demonstrate their inability to find a domestic candidate. *The NOC system is used in Canada to define and classify the many professions that are practiced there. It comprises the TEER system, which classifies work levels according to the qualifications, experience, degree, and duties required to carry out the duties of the position. How does Express Entry hiring work for employers?   Using the National Job Bank’s “Job Match” tool, firms in Canada search for prospects and extend job offers through Express Entry. In addition to a plethora of other employment-related services and resources, such as career planning tools, labor market statistics, and hiring assistance, the Job Bank is the federal platform for job postings. The Job Bank’s system will attempt to match up profiles that correspond with the job description in a posting with an employer’s job ad through the use of the Job Match tool. An employer can decide whether to consider these individuals for the post after they have been identified and the hiring procedures have been followed. Keep in mind that the Job Match function takes into account every person in the Job Bank system, not simply those who are part of the Express Entry pool. An employer may initially need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if, after fulfilling all requirements, they choose to extend a job offer to a foreign national in the Express Entry pool. The government conducts labor market impact assessments, or LMIAs, to ascertain the effects of hiring foreign workers on the Canadian labor market. For a document to support a Canadian employer’s hiring of a foreign national, the result must be positive or neutral. Additionally, there are several circumstances in which an LMIA is not required. The business is required by Express Entry to extend a legitimate job offer to the candidate following the acquisition of an LMIA, if necessary. How may those who join the Express Entry pool as newcomers be considered for jobs?   Those new to the Express Entry pool who wish to utilize the Job Bank’s “Job Match” feature must: Possess a current Express Entry profile, complete with a job seeker validation code and profile number; and Open a Job Match account (not to be confused with a Job Bank account, as they are related services). When establishing a profile on the Job Match platform, individuals will be prompted to input their Express Entry details. The IRCC provides job seeker validation numbers, which enable qualified profiles to start seeking for work in Canada. Once a legitimate profile has been submitted to the Express Entry pool, they are generated along with the profile number. It is suggested that candidates get in touch with IRCC if they do not obtain a job seeker validation code. Following the setup and connection of both accounts, job advertisements from the Job Bank will be matched with newcomers. Candidates for Express Entry will only see job ads that have been active on the Job Bank for more than 30 days. Follow these procedures if you are having trouble connecting your Job Match and Express Entry accounts. Visit the government’s dedicated portal here to learn more about the Job Match feature and to register for the program. Discover if You Are Eligible for Canadian Immigration

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Provincial immigration nominations are issued by Manitoba and British Columbia.

Invitations to apply (ITAs) for immigration have been sent out by Manitoba and British Columbia via their respective Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Through streams designated for skilled workers with expertise in critical employment fields, a job offer from the province, or prior academic coursework in the nominating province, candidates were solicited. Go on for a detailed explanation. Discover if You Are Eligible for Canadian Immigration Results of immigration, May 3–May 10   Note: The processes used by various PNPs to rate applicants for immigration are unique. Therefore, it is not appropriate to compare the cut-off scores for immigration drawings in one PNP with those from PNPs in other provinces. Furthermore, certain provinces may refer to ITAs using different words (like “Notifications of Interest” or “Letters of Advice to Apply”), although they all refer to the same type of invitation. BC, or British Columbia   Through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program’s (BCPNP) streams for skilled workers and international graduates (which includes the Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) option), at least 77 individuals were invited by British Columbia. Those with qualifying professional expertise in the BCPNP target industries (veterinary care, childcare, construction, healthcare, and tech) were encouraged to apply for the posts. Each draw had different minimum scores, with the following cut-offs: Cut-off score for childcare draws: 90; Cut-off score for construction drawings: 93; Score threshold for healthcare draws: 100; Cutoff score for Tech Draw: 120; and Cut-off score for veterinary care draws: 80. Those who have just graduated within the last three years from an approved Canadian institution or college are the target audience for the International Graduate stream, which also includes the EEBC option. To be eligible for this stream, a job offer from a B.C. employer must be secured. The stream is an improved PNP stream that is compatible with the federal Express Entry system, as shown by the “includes EEBC option.” This implies that the BCPNP may extend invitations to qualified applicants in the Express Entry pool to immigrate and establish themselves in the province via this stream. Manitoba This week, 371 individuals were invited by Manitoba via the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Three distinct streams of candidates were solicited, along with a draw tailored to a particular occupation. A selection process focused on profiles indicating current employment in occupations where there is a high labor shortage in the province was used for the initial draw. Candidates with experience in the following 18 National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes* were awarded ITAs: 72024 – Supervisors, operators of motor vehicles and other ground transportation; and 73301 – Transportation operators, including bus drivers and subway operators. * Canada’s national system for defining and classifying various employment in the nation’s labor market is known as the NOC system. 242 qualified applicants were called to the second draw, which was an all-program selection held under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream, which consists of the Employer Direct Recruitment and Manitoba Work Experience paths. To be invited, candidates had to receive a minimum ranking score of 836. The International Education Stream invited 76 qualified candidates for the third draw. Graduates from Manitoban institutions who fit the demands of the province’s labor market are invited to apply for the International Education Stream. The International Student Entrepreneur pathway, Graduate Internship track, and Career Employment pathway are all included in this stream. The last draw, which included 35 applicants with a minimum ranking score of 698, was held under the Skilled Worker Overseas stream. Candidates from overseas with professional expertise and in-demand skills can nominate themselves for immigration to Manitoba under the Skilled Worker Overseas stream. The Human Capital pathway and the Manitoba Express Entry pathway make up the stream. Sixty-six of the 371 invited individuals indicated they had a valid Express Entry profile and a valid job seeker validation code. Ceremony for Citizenship   An applicant for citizenship in Canada is required to attend a citizenship ceremony upon approval. In the course of the event, candidates will Discover if You Are Eligible for Canadian Immigration

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